Composed, produced & performed by CLAUDIO

How to translate the feeling into sound | Claudio | TEDxPerth

And just like that, I fell in love with a tree

I find that if I go into the studio with a feeling/intention like "What can I learn/discover?" as opposed to "I have to make something good" that the game is transformed from the outset. I think that that approach demonstrates the very real purpose & potential of Humility. Did you ever think of Humility as having a purpose?


"Music has an unparalleled ability to pull all of one's pain into a single frame, inviting us to relive it with all of the joy of experience .. and none of the suffering” 

“I have this odd persistent tendency towards extended periods of solitude.. I'm always doing this thing that I do, regardless of who's watching. That element of my nature is perhaps accentuated by the fact that at some point, experience mirrored instinct and it was confirmed emphatically & a hundred times over that Music wasn't worth s*$% to me if it didn't feel “true”. I genuinely let go of any need to be understood, heard or rewarded (with applause, money, free waffles, robot escorts, whatever...) That's when the heaviness lifted. And as if delighted by the sheer paradox of it all, that was exactly the moment that people started caring."